Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Instructions for making Entries :

   1. Please make entries in the cells which are blank (filled with white color) i.e. Complete Postal Address with pincode, Bank Account No., Bank Name & Branch, IFSC code  and        Aadhar No. & Mobile No. (if not filled).
  2. Departmental Staff  should enter their Institutional Address only. For Others ( like Inseminators etc.,) their RESIDENTIAL  Address must be entered.
  3.  Use only BLOCK Letters to make entries.
  4.  Details of LIs, Inseminators must be entered by the concerned area VAS / VS / CVS to whom he belongs.
 5.  Kindly verify the data already exsisting in this sheet, if you find any defect, please contact Dr. MOHAN, VAS, CBFD through phone ( Mobile No. 9486522333 ) & rectify them, Since this is the final List that is going to be submitted to GOI, after that, it could not be corrected. So, keep high attention.
6.  Data enteries  should be completely on or before 25.09.2014 Monday @  11.00 am without fail.

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